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Welcome to Isle Architects! I'm your guide through the world of architectural excellence here in Norfolk and East Anglia. With over 20 years of experience, I bring a passion for conservation alongside innovative design to every project. Let's embark on a journey of creating timeless spaces that harmonise with their surroundings and stand the test of time.

Architecture does not exist without the user.

Architectural services in Norfolk and East Anglia

Sustainability & Conservation

We provide architectural services for new and historic buildings, conversions, energy upgrading, and retrofits of both residential and commercial developments throughout East Anglia.


Isle Architects is a RIBA Chartered Practice that specialises in sustainable architecture and conservation. Beata T Zygarlowska, an architect accredited in conservation – RIBA CA with a strong background in Environmental Design and many years of practice in architectural offices of Cambridge and London, founded Isle Architects after moving to Norfolk early in 2021.

Isle Architects is a design-led practice based South of Norwich experienced in both commercial and residential architecture. As consultants, we advise on issues of planning, listed building consents, projects in conservation areas or energy upgrading and retrofit in buildings of all ages, whether listed or not.

We guide our clients through the whole project, from initial ideas and concepts, actively engaging with the client through the design process to delivery and completion on site. 

We provide feasibility studies of sites and buildings for our clients to understand their potential and development possibilities. By working closely with Local Planning Authorities, we have a very high rate of approvals.

Get in touch

Are you contemplating renovations for your current property or embarking on a new development project? Are you interested in incorporating energy-saving solutions into your home or commercial building through retrofitting, but uncertain about where to begin?
If you have purchased or already reside in a listed building and are planning repairs, extensions, or other works, I can guide the heritage aspect of the job. I can assist you in incorporating changes and improvements while preserving the historical integrity of the property.
Allow me to provide guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.
I am here to help.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

Practice contact details

Isle Architects Ltd - Company reg 15210100

T  01508578599

M 07979158440

Lodge Farm, Hawkes Lane, Bracon Ash

Norwich NR14 8EW

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