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We offer an initial one-off consultation which can be incredibly useful. It will give you guidance on all aspects of your project from concept and feasibility, design and cost through to planning and construction. How much or how little you commission an architect is up to you.

Our initial consultations are free of charge and without obligation
- please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

This is an ideal opportunity to work with the client to determine your needs and answer your initial questions. We would investigate and evaluate the potential of a site or building. Study history of the site, its overall condition and significance. This process develops various options and ideas, we look at constraints and opportunities with regards to planning restrictions and provide a preliminary estimate of the costs involved in proposed works.

With an understanding of the client's needs, we are committed to providing the very best solutions in an efficient and cost-effective way. Our approach is to deliver to our clients a project that works for them, that is both aesthetic and achievable. We design places for people to live, work, play, and enjoy. We believe that in good architecture, there is an opportunity to improve the lives of individuals and make society more sustainable.

We provide support and guidance for every aspect of the planning process. We engage with the Local Authorities early in the process. We develop a design that satisfies both you and the planning authority. We provide flexible solutions with an increased chance of a successful application. Our experience will save you money, time and effort.

Historic buildings require skills and expertise beyond normal architectural services. Beata is a fully accredited RIBA Conservation Architect with the necessary knowledge and years of experience. Are you considering repairs, conversion, extension or upgrading of historic buildings? You are not certain if you need Listed Building Consent?


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We provide services for any stage of a project.